Travel Planner for the busy traveler!


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    Inside the planner you will find:

    • 3 to 12 month travel planning prompts
    • Tips on creating travel plans based on vacation time/school breaks/weekends/stat holidays
    • Ways to combine time-offs, destinations to maximize travel time
    • Creative ways to save money towards your trip
    • Checklists to be travel ready in no time (plus essential packing and travel apps to download ASAP)

    This planner is for you if:

    • You are unsure how to manage vacation time for travel
    • You are overwhelmed with wonderful images on Instagram and don’t know where to go (or make a smart choice in picking a destination)
    • You need checklists/a guide/flowchart/our loving hands to take you there!
    • You think you won’t be able to travel as much - you are a busy bee (but we promise….try our planner! Its free)